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Details: HashKey HSK Airdrop Begins With 10M Distribution

HashKey stated it will airdrop tokens to eligible players along with its token listing in Q3 2024.


Hong Kong’s first licensed retail exchange, HashKey, has commenced its first airdrop distribution plan for users. On Tuesday, the exchange announced in a blog post that it would distribute 10,000,000 HSK to its airdrop participants.

HashKey joined the Telegram tap-to-earn frenzy, stating users would claim their airdrop by interacting with its DejenDog Telegram bot. Like Notcoin, Hamster Kombat, Yescoin, and Tapswap, the game involves tapping the husky on the game to earn points.

“By tapping on the Husky-themed dog character, users will earn HIT pints, which can be redeemed for more Eligible HSK or used to access DApps on HashKey’s L2′ Ecosystem Chain,’ HashKey Chain,” HashKey stated in the update.

Airdrop Details

New users will receive a base allocation of 300,000 $HIT and begin at level 1. They can upgrade their level by participating in in-game tasks like subscribing to HashKey’s official Telegram and X accounts.

Inviting up to three friends to play the game will multiply the user’s base allocation by three. Performing the same task and subscribing to DejenDog’s official Telegram page would increase base allocation by five times.

HashKey will allow qualified players to convert their Eligible HSK (HSK earned from the game) to HSK upon meeting specific requirements. The project will also give away “limited ‘Golden Doggy Bag’ blind boxes with Eligible HSK or other tokens from HSK ecosystem partners” at the game’s launch.

According to the announcement, HashKey will airdrop the HSK token to eligible players when it launches in Q3 2024.

Community Reward

According to HashKey’s tokenomics, the project dedicated 65% of its 1 billion HSK supply to ecosystem growth. This allocation will fund the tokens the project will give participants upon its launch.

HashKey allocated 30% of its HSK token to staff and the other 5% as reserve funds. The exchange raised almost $100 million from a Series A fundraiser in January at a pre-market valuation of $1.2 billion.

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