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What is Yescoin? All to Know About the Telegram Game and Airdrop Details

Yescoin is a viral Telegram game that lets users earn crypto rewards by swiping screens and performing simple tasks. This article will delve into the mechanism of Yescoin, discussing how to earn rewards from the game and all there is to know about its airdrop. 


Telegram-based games are the latest trends in the crypto landscape, offering engaging gameplay combined with the potential for significant financial rewards. One is Yescoin, a Web3 game that has emerged with a different approach by requiring players to swipe instead of the common tapping. 

What is Yescoin?

Launched in April 2024, Yescoin is a Telegram game that requires users to swipe the screen of their mobile device to earn potential crypto coins. Unlike similar games requiring users to tap the screen, Yescoin offers a novel take on standard gaming mechanics by requiring players to swipe to collect digital coins. 

The game seeks to entertain users and offer a chance to earn impressive returns on their time and effort. It is one of many new minigames in the Telegram app that appear to have been spurred on by the success of Notcoin, which yielded a NOT token on The Open Network (TON). The NOT token’s value soared to as high as $0.0122 shortly after its debut. 

Despite being relatively new in the industry, Yescoin has attracted over 18 million people from nearly every country on Earth, according to the creators. This significant surge in user base, which happened just a month after its launch, is evidence of the game’s popularity. 

In the wake of this success, the Telegram-based game partnered with layer-1 blockchain The Open Network (TON) (TON), known for its scalability and speed. Notably, this collaboration hints at a prospective coin with the ticker $YES. 

Admittedly, attracting this significant number of players is no small feat, especially for a project that requires a relatively basic spin on the clicker genre. However, its explosive growth can be attributed to the team’s dedication, the power of Telegram’s viral mechanics, and the partnership with Ton blockchain.

How Does Yescoin Work?

The game seeks to lower the barrier to entry for Web3, acting as a bridge between Web2 and Web3 and making blockchain technology more approachable for the average user.

Yescoin sets itself apart from the popular Telegram “clicker” games by making players swipe across a screen filled with gold tokens. It is commonly compared to fruit-slicing games such as Fruit Ninja. However, instead of fruits, the players should slice falling coins.

For each coin sliced, players will obtain YES, an off-chain point that can be multiplied to speed up YES farming. 

Yescoin’s mobile game has a vintage, pixelated design and offers users several methods to accelerate their progress and earn greater prizes.

Users can begin playing the game by clicking the link to Yescoin’s Telegram bot. Once this is launched, players are presented with a screen with several alternatives. They can click to be redirected to the project’s X page, engage with the community on Telegram in various chats, and get a link to full instructions on how to play the game.

Users can then launch the game by tapping the play button. On the main screen, players will see various coins, which they can collect by swiping their fingers across the screen.

As a player swipes, coins vanish, and new ones appear. But as a bar at the bottom of the screen shows, his energy steadily drops. Once it hits zero, coins appear at a slower rate. Users can then choose to either swipe every coin away as it appears or leave the app alone for a while so the energy bar refills.

As in many clicker or tapping games, a player may use the coins earned to buy ways to speed up his earnings. He can also purchase power-ups to raise the worth of the coins as well as speed up the rate at which his energy bar regenerates.

When users meet certain criteria, they can advance to higher leagues such as Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and finally Diamond. As players advance through the leagues, they have the opportunity to swipe random coins worth significantly more than the average value, which grows with each league.

As users continue to swipe around collecting tokens, different rewards, bonuses, and additional tasks will pop up for them to complete to secure more coins.

How To Get More Rewards on Yescoin

Apart from swiping every day, there are various ways players can earn rewards on Yescoin, such as linking their wallet, performing daily tasks, upgrading tasks, performing special event tasks, and following Yescoin on their official social media accounts. 

You can also invite friends to the game, and when they start using the app, you get more $YES coins. This package benefits those with Telegram Premium, a recurrent theme among Telegram-based cryptocurrency games.

As a game that seeks to incentivize inviting friends, players can also form squads to earn incentives together and receive benefits for introducing friends into the game. Below is a screenshot from the gaming platform showing these features:

Another action that brings more rewards is the Daily Crypto Learning Task, where users learn about blockchain technology daily and complete a check-in to open a YesBox, earning both on-chain and off-chain rewards.

Additionally, users can increase their in-game rewards by obtaining different boosts when they click the “Build” button on the bottom right of the main in-game screen. For example, they can use tokens they’ve earned to invest in “Multivalue,” which will raise the value of each token with each subsequent investment.

Another alternative is to invest in “Coin Limit” to enhance the energy capacity or the quantity of tokens that can be swiped in a particular time frame. Furthermore, several free daily bonuses are available.

On the bottom left of the main screen is an icon of a diamond with the word “Earn” written on it. Clicking it allows users to complete various tasks, including connecting a wallet, retweeting posts, or exploring other projects to earn additional bonuses.

The YesPac is the most valuable upgrade; it is a roving monster that automatically gathers coins and provides strong and exclusive bonuses at every level of improvement. For instance, it can collect coins even if you are offline and not actively playing.

All to Know About the Yescoin Airdrop

The Yescoin community is looking forward to an airdrop, a marketing strategy many cryptocurrency projects use to distribute free tokens to their communities. This activity boosts the project’s user base and visibility while participants accumulate more $YES coins without any investment. 

In an interview with the Ton Foundation, the Yescoin team hinted at future airdrops for its users. They stated that they are developing an onboarding system called the Three-Stage Rocket Plan, which will deliver rich on-chain and off-chain rewards and prepare the infrastructure for the upcoming airdrops. 

The team has also made hints about a potential release of YES tokens. The group confirmed its partnership with TON in June, the blockchain powering many popular Telegram cryptocurrency games, including Notcoin and Hamster Kombat. “Yes, let’s say YES!” The Telegram announcement said, “Yes, let’s say YES TO THE MOON!”

The also developers mentioned a plan to launch a “Global Yescoin Ambassador Program,” which likely means teaming up with influencers and prominent community members to drive awareness.

Frequently Asked Questions About Yescoin

Who Is The Creator of Yescoin?

Yescoin was created by a group of dedicated Telegram users who recognized an opportunity to establish a cryptocurrency app that could gain widespread adoption on the platform. 

Inspired by the launch of Telegram Mini Apps in 2023, the team sought to design a game that was simple and enjoyable to play while also incorporating blockchain technology.

Furthermore, the game mechanics were inspired by Steve Jobs’ concept of swiping to unlock a phone, as well as the immensely famous game Fruit Ninja, which became a global phenomenon through basic swiping action.

How Can I Convert Yescoin to Money?

At the time of writing, this is impossible as Yescoin has not yet been listed on crypto exchanges, implying that it cannot be sold for fiat currencies. However, users can continue swiping their screens, hoping that Yescoin will become as successful as Notcoin.

When Is the Yescoin Airdrop?

As noted earlier, the Airdrop is currently not confirmed, but the developers have hinted that they will soon introduce a Three-Stage Rocket Plan that aims for rich on-chain and off-chain rewards and infrastructure preparation for the upcoming airdrops.

Moreover, the partnership with Ton and the game’s basic concept strongly suggest that the developers intend to reward players with cryptocurrency. Therefore, players will have to wait patiently for the game developers to officially confirm the campaign and pay close attention to their social media platforms for updates. 


Yescoin is a Web3 game on Telegram that lets players earn potential crypto rewards, which can be traded when the $YES token eventually gets listed on exchanges. This game requires that users swipe the screen of their mobile device rather than traditional tapping. This article has highlighted different facets of the viral game. 

As Yescoin continues to innovate and expand, it is likely to become a major player in the blockchain gaming space.


Faith is a dedicated content writer who is focused on expanding her interest and knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. In her free time, she enjoys listening to music, reading, and traveling.