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Kamino Airdrop: Everything You Need to Know as Solana Project Announces Release Date

Eligible for Kamino airdrop? Here's everything you need to know about the airdrop and how to claim your tokens.


The wait is almost over! The Kamino airdrop will become claimable to eligible wallets on April 30, 2024, a new update from the Kamino Foundation confirmed. As the Kamino release date approaches, this article breaks down the airdrop and answers the most common questions readers want answers to.

The Kamino Airdrop

The Kamino airdrop is the latest attempt by a Solana-based protocol to reward users who have contributed earlier on to its development. Jupiter launched its JUP token through a similar airdrop back in January.

Kamino is a lending, borrowing, and yield-earning protocol and the largest in Solana by the total value of locked (TVL) of locked assets, currently $1.5 billion.

The KMNO token represents the next step in the project’s growth and is expected to deliver certain utilities to the Kamino ecosystem. The snapshot for the Kamino airdrop was taken on March 31, 2024, meaning that users who used the protocol after the said date do not qualify.

How Do I Check If I’m Eligible?

Kamino has released an airdrop checker for users to know whether they’re eligible for the airdrop and the amount of tokens they will receive. You can check your eligibility using the tool. Alternatively, if you use a Solana-based wallet such as Phantom, you will see a pop-up indicating that you’re eligible and the amount of tokens to claim.

When is the Kamino Airdrop Claim?

The Kamino Airdrop claim will be available on April 30, 2024. However, the precise time is yet unknown as the time of writing.

Can I Stake KMNO After the Airdrop?

Yes. The latest update from the Kamino team shows that users will be able to stake KMNO to boost their rewards in the protocol’s ongoing points program. Therefore, users can expect to be able to stake Kamino on the platform after the token generation event.

How Many Tokens Will Be Available?

The project estimates that 10% of its total supply of 10 billion tokens will be available on its launch day. This means that roughly 1 billion tokens will be released on the said date. However, only 750 million tokens are allocated to users and early contributors. You can view the complete KMNO distribution chart below.

Kamino Token Distribution

How Can I Qualify for Future Kamino Airdrops?

The Kamino Genesis airdrop is not the only one that the Solana-based protocol plans to hold. You can qualify for future airdrops by using the protocol. Kamino plans to airdrop tokens in the future based on the number of points that users accrue in its reward program. Season 2 is currently underway, although a snapshot date and KMNO release date for the season have not been disclosed.

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