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Solana Memecoin WEN Reveals Upcoming Plush Toys

The team behind the Wen memecoin has shared a sneak peek at a new branded physical toy line.

Space cat WEN

Solana-based memecoin Wen announced on Friday an upcoming plush toy collection. The yet-to-be-revealed toys are being developed with TOYMAK3RS, “one of the top companies” that create plush toys for prominent firms. This new deal will likely bring more attention to the cat-themed Solana memecoin’s price and ecosystem.

WEN: From Memecoin to Toys

According to the tweet, the WEN team explained that it had been developing its first toy line with its partner over the past two months. These plush toys will likely feature the cute cat in its space suit.

If the upcoming toy line mimics other crypto-based projects like Pudgy Penguins that have unveiled physical toys in stores, the cat-themed toys may feature QR codes to enable buyers to unlock the digital versions of the toys.

The WEN team believes its upcoming toy line is a big deal because its partner has worked with big companies like Netflix and Adidas. It has also collaborated with prominent figures like Deadmau5 and J Balvin.

Without spilling the details about the physical toys, the Solana-based project admitted that users can purchase the toys with WEN tokens.

Will This Take WEN to the Moon?

Capitalizing on the popular meme “Wen,” which is said by crypto community members, the WEN token has emerged as one of the prominent Solana-based tokens. Since its debut in January 2024, the token has soaked up a market capitalization of over $147 million. The memecoin also serves as a governance token for the WEN DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization within its ecosystem.

The token’s popularity is increased by listing from crypto exchanges like Bybit and Crypto.Com. There have also been talks about Coinbase listing the cat-themed memecoin.

Still, the WEN token’s performance in the past few days has been discouraging. Over the past week, the memecoin has dropped by nearly 17%. Its current trading price is $0.000205. WEN’s price may likely see a turnaround after the upcoming toy line is released.

Mishael Nwani

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