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Popular Telegram Game Hamster Kombat Set to Launch Token in July

Hamster Kombat has gotten exchange backing, with, Kucoin, and Bitget adding support for pre-market trading.

Hamster Kombat

Popular Telegram game Hamster Kombat, which took Telegram by storm after Notcoin, will launch its token in July, according to the roadmap on its official website

The highly-played game recently reached 200 million users, becoming the largest group on Telegram. Telegram has 900 million users, meaning that 22.2% of those users play the Hamster Kombat game.

The Hamster Kombat game rewards players with tokens by tapping on their phone’s screen. The game is structured to allow users to imagine owning a crypto exchange as a hamster CEO and overseeing the platform’s activities.

Basic Parameters for Airdrop

With the launch date approaching rapidly, Hamster Kombat has updated users with its tokenomics and how it intends to distribute the tokens. Amongst others, Hamster Kombat has stated that its reward would not be based on the amount of the token a player has in their wallet but on profit per hour.

“Airdrop will depend on the profit per hour and some other activity parameters that we will reveal later, NOT on the coin balance. Play wisely,” the Hamster Kombat team tweeted in June.

This parameter means that the Hamster team would reward users better who don’t just pile up the token but reinvest it into upgrading their exchange. The game has different segments where players can invest, which include Market, PR&Team, Legal, and Specials.

At the time of writing, the Telegram-based game has not stated the number of users who can claim the airdrop or provided any other information on how it would allocate the airdrop.

Hamster Gets Exchange Boost

Due to its explosive activities on Telegram, X, and YouTube, the Hamster Kmobat token has already received interest from several exchanges., Bitget, and Kucoin have indicated interest in listing the token with ticker HMSTR for pre-market trading.

The project seems to follow the path of Notcoin, which was listed on big exchanges like Binance and Bybit on its first trading day. HMSTR is already trading at a pre-market value between $0.27 and $0.3 on

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