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Hamster Kombat Gets High Praise From Telegram Founder as Project Hits 239M Users

It took Hamster Kombat 73 days to get to 100 million users and 90 days to reach 239 million users.

Hamster Kombat

Telegram founder Pavel Durov was full of praise for the mini-app game Hamster Kombat in a statement on Thursday. Durov commended the growth of Hamster Kombat in a Telegram post, stating that its rapid user growth could potentially lead to a significant increase in Web3 adoption.

“Hamster Kombat has become the latest Internet phenomenon everyone’s talking about. 239 million people have signed up for this Telegram mini app in just 3 months,” Durov stated.

Hamster Kombat has been a Telegram sensation since its launch in March 2024. CoinTab reported last month that the game reached 200 million users, becoming the group with the largest user base in the messaging app.

Kombat’s Success Will Drive Web3 Adoption: Durov

Durov highlighted the rapid growth of Hamster Kombat and how it would drive web3 adoption.

“It took Hamster only 73 days to reach 100 million monthly users. Each day, 4-5 million new users join Hamster Kombat, making it the fastest-growing digital service in the world,” Durov noted.

Notcoin’s success inspired more projects to adopt Telegram’s mini app to build their community and airdrop tokens to users. Projects like Tapswap, Yescoin, and HashKey have adopted the approach, significantly boosting Telegram’s usage.

Each of the projects that adopted Telegram’s mini app has seen an explosive user influx, with Hamster Kombat leading the pack. The Open Network’s (TON) strategic partnership with Telegram has also seen the network benefit immensely from the increased adoption of the mini-app, with almost all the projects stating they will launch their tokens on the TON ecosystem.

Hamster Kombat’s Launch Looms

Users of Hamaster Kombat may not have to wait long to receive their tapped tokens airdropped. The project stated on its official website that it would launch this month on TON.

“Soon, Hamster’s team will mint its token on TON, introducing the benefits of blockchain to hundreds of millions of people. A new era is arriving, and we are witnessing its arrival in real time,” Durov stated on Hamster’s Kombat’s launch.

However, the project has not made an official statement about its launch. It announced on Thursday that it has added a new level for its players to reach: the creator league.

Hamster Kombat has told users what to expect from its token distribution, noting that it would prioritize profit per hour over the tokens players have tapped. The project has also allowed players to link their wallets.

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