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Tapswap Postpones Token Launch and Airdrop to Q3

Tapswap has postponed its launch twice after failing to airdrop tokens to users on May 30 and June 30.


The team behind the popular Telegram game TapSwap announced that they have moved the project’s shares-to-token exchange event to Q3 of 2024. In an X post on Monday, TapSwap noted that the game’s users would have to wait a little longer to have their tapped tokens airdropped to them.

“We’ve got some bad and really good news for you at the same time: our team has decided to move the date for the Shares-to-Token exchange event. You might wonder, what’s good about that? Just FUD? Not exactly. The whole point is that you’ll actually benefit from this,” TapSwap stated.

Postponement for User Good: TapSwap

TapSwap stated the postponement allows the team to work out a more detailed tokenomics and launch strategy. According to the project, this would neutralize the ongoing FUD that the token would capitulate upon listing.

The TapSwap team noted its widespread popularity had caused them some “inconvenience.” Hence, they would delay the launch to iron out some details, including listing on tier 1 exchanges. TapSwap alleged that some top exchanges had shown interest in supporting its token upon launch as they were thrilled with the Telegram-based game’s community.

“So, as you can see, there are plenty of reasons to be happy about this change. And very soon, we’ll give you some even bigger news about our future, tier 1 partnerships, and the drop itself,” TapSwap added.

Community Reacts

Following the announcement, ‘tappers’ voiced their dissatisfaction with the seemingly directionless disposition of the TapSwap team. A user pointed to the team’s continual postponement of the launch date, while many others branded the project a scam.

Several other users asked Tapswap to state the actual date in the third quarter when it would launch, while others asked the developers to end farming and work on its tokenomics as Notcoin did.

Tapswap remains one of the biggest Telegram games, with nearly 55 million players globally. The team noted it was close to finalizing its tokenomics in June before moving its launch to Q3 with the announcement today.

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