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Tapswap Close to “Finalizing Tokenomics,” Denies Rumors About Indefinite Launch Date

Despite the statement, users' dilemma over Tapswap's launch date has continued to circulate.


Telegram-based game Tapswap has addressed the widespread rumors of an indefinite adjournment of its token distribution to “tappers.” In direct response to the media outlet that published the news, the tap-to-earn project emphasized the importance of accurate reporting and branded the publication “incorrect.”

“Sorry, but this is incorrect. We said we didn’t have a specific date yet as we are close to finalizing tokenomics. Nothing about being postponed indefinitely. Please correct your article; it is creating unnecessary FUD. Thank you,” Tapswap stated.

The dilemma over Tapswap’s launch date grew increasingly as the rescheduled date loomed. The team behind the Telegram-based game initially stated that the token would launch on June 1 before moving it up by a month to catch bots certain users used to gain more rewards.

Tapswap Launch Date Misinformation Cleared

Punch media outlet published an article on Thursday titled “Tapswap adjourns token allocation indefinitely.” The article cited comments made by Tapswap’s Head of Communication, John Robbin, in an X Space podcast on Wednesday.

The news outlet alleged that Robbin stated that Tapswap has indefinitely moved up its token airdrop date. According to Punch, the podcast’s host said there was a lack of clarity on how to best distribute tokens to tappers, hence the indefinite postponement.

Tapswap squashed the article and called for corrections to avoid spreading FUD. The Tapswap team also noted that most of the sentences the article stated as direct quotes by Robbin were not from him. Punch has not yet responded to the project’s comment at press time, and the article was still online.

Uncertainty Swells

Despite Tapswap’s statement, controversies about its legitimacy have swelled. Many users have questioned the inability of Tapswap’s developers to release the project’s tokenomics or set a token distribution date for tappers.

More controversially, users pointed to the clause that allows users to double their earnings by sending 0.5 TON to the project. The project stated that the funds generated from the donations were used for upscaling. 

In its early days, Tapswap stated it would launch on the Solana network before announcing later that it would debut on the TON network. Howbeit, Tapswap remains one of the trending games on Telegram, boasting over 22 million users on the messaging app.

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