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Tapswap Postpones Pool Launch, Announces New Date


As revealed to its community this week, tap-to-earn crypto project Tapswap has postponed its pool launch date to July 1, 2024. The latest pool launch date extension means that users must wait longer to convert their Tapswap rewards into real money.

However, the platform provides insight into the reason why it chose a new Tapswap pool launch date. According to the update, the Tapswap team discovered that many bots had gamed the system to earn more rewards than they originally should. Hence, the new date will enable Tapswap to fish out these bots and allocate more rewards to those who earned them honestly.

For the time being, newcomers can seize the opportunity to accumulate more Tap rewards, while existing users may also increase their holdings and grow to whale status. The project also said it will reveal more details about its proposed launch on a new blockchain soon.

Recall that Tapswap had originally launched on the Solana blockchain. Nonetheless, the project has grown significantly and plans to move to a new network, either for marketing purposes or to further attract more users to its ecosystem.

The Wait Continues as Tapswap Crosses 30 Million Users

The announcement of a new Tapswap launch pool date comes at a time when the project is seeing unprecedented growth. Roughly ten days after reaching the milestone of 17 million users, the platform has added 13 million more tappers, crossing the 30 million user mark earlier this week.

For these users, the Tapswap launch pool going live would mark a major milestone. It will provide a liquidity venue for users to convert their Tapcoin rewards to a real-tradable cryptocurrency. Expectations are that the value of coins that each user receives will be proportionate to the amount of rewards they currently earn from playing the game.

It remains to be seen whether the speculations around Tapswap become reality, with the project seeking to follow the footsteps of Notcoin, another tap-to-earn project that recently debuted on major exchanges. In the meantime, the wait for the Tapswap launch continues.

Wilfred Michael

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