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TapSwap Issues Important Update for Nigerian Users After Glitch

The popular tap-to-earn project references the investigation of a DDoS attack as the cause for the recent limitation within its Nigerian community.


TapSwap, a Solana-based tap-to-earn crypto project, has calmed its Nigerian community as several users in the country have been unable to access the platform since yesterday seamlessly. The community update also stated that users in the African nation will soon regain access to their accounts.

What Happened?

On May 23rd, several Nigerians revealed the inability to access their TapSwap accounts. Some speculated that the platform had banned Nigerians from accessing the platform. Others presumed that the government had a role in disabling the platform in the country. Several users even turned to virtual private networks (VPNs) to bypass the restriction.

Later that day, the TapSwap developer team addressed the matter, stating that they “detected repeated malicious actions against TapSwap.” The team pinpointed a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack as the cause of the exploit. Such a cyber attack involves flooding a platform with fake traffic, making access difficult for real users.

To combat the issue, anti-DDoS protection was implemented. This entailed users undergoing a complete verification before accessing the tap-to-earn interface.

The TapSwap team added that Nigerians cannot access the platform because they are performing checks to know which region the DDoS attacks are coming from.

TapSwap to Follow Notcoin’s Path

Since its debut earlier this year, TapSwap has gained users’ attention across several countries. Local reports show that many Nigerians are flocking to the tap-to-earn project. Presently, TapSwap has over 20 million users. The platform had 17 million players only four days ago, showing a remarkable increase.

The Solana-based project operates as a clicker game where users tap their screens to receive an in-game token called Shares. The project’s team explains that these Shares will be swappable for TapSwap coin (TAPS), a cryptocurrency that will have a total supply of one billion.

Although the token is yet to launch on the crypto market, users’ hopes are high that it will be. This optimism is fueled by the recent listing of Notcoin (NOT), another clicker game that rewarded its users with NOT cryptocurrencies. Some holders even earned as much as $100 from the Notcoin project.

Mishael Nwani

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