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Sui Network to Distribute 100,000 SUI. Here’s How to Get Involved

The network’s developer team offers 100,000 SUI coins to those transacting on the recently released Sui Bridge.


Layer-1 blockchain network Sui recently expanded its ecosystem by launching the Sui bridge, a gateway between the Sui network and other blockchains like Ethereum. While currently in the testnet phase, the Sui bridge welcomes users to claim portions of a 100,000 SUI allocation. Here’s how to get involved:

Sui to Distribute 100,000 SUI

Sui’s goal is to incentivize users to participate in the Sui bridge in its testnet to detect faults and bugs in its operational structure. Identifying and fixing such bugs helps to ensure smooth functionality once the Sui bridge goes live on the mainnet.

“We encourage participants to engage with the bridge frontend extensively to help us catch any edge cases and fix bugs in smart contracts, bridge nodes, and the user interface. A total of 100,000 SUI will be distributed on Mainnet to the addresses that contribute to testing Sui Bridge,” the team wrote.

To get a slice of the 100,000 SUI (worth over $90,000), participants must interact with the Sui network’s testnet web interface. Users are urged to report any issue encountered while transacting on the bridge.

The Sui developer team also added the Sui bridge to the Sui Bug Bounty Program, where users are rewarded with as much as $500,000 for detecting vulnerabilities on the layer-1 blockchain.

According to its blog post, the Sui developer team explains that Sui Bridge currently uses the Sui testnet and the Ethereum Sepolia testnet. Users can transact tokens like ETH, wBTC, USDT, and USDC across Ethereum and Sui.

Sui Network Grows Ecosystem

Since its debut in May 2023, Sui has seen meteoric growth, climbing to the top 10 blockchains. Last month, the network attained a milestone of one million active wallets. The network has also captured the attention of institutional partners like Google Cloud. An April report confirmed that Google Cloud and Sui joined forces to explore Web3 and artificial intelligence (AI) development.

These and other milestones have propelled Sui’s native coin, SUI, to an all-time high (ATH) of $2.18. At the time of writing, the coin sat at approximately $0.9.

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