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Sui Integrates With Google Cloud to Explore Web3 and AI Capabilities

Sui’s creator Mystic Labs has joined forces with Google Cloud to bring Web3 and AI functionalities to the Sui blockchain.


Layer-1 blockchain Sui has become the latest blockchain-focused partner with Google Cloud, the cloud-computing subsidiary of the tech giant Google. According to a Tuesday announcement, the collaboration will entail the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and Web3 capabilities into the Sui network.

Sui Partners Google Cloud

As part of the partnership, Google Cloud will incorporate Sui on-chain data into BigQuery, the cloud-computing firm’s flagship product embedded with machine learning capabilities. This enables developers to use analytic tools to unlock insights and create decentralized applications (dApps).

Tapping into the Google Cloud’s AI functionality, Sui will train the firm’s AI model, dubbed Vertex AI, on the Move programming language. Sui’s creator, Mysten Labs, has also harnessed AI to create a code auditing tool to pinpoint security vulnerabilities in programming languages like Rust, Move, Typescript, and Solidity.

Amit Zavery, Google Cloud’s Head of Platform and general manager, said regarding the latest collaboration:

“We are committed to supporting Web3 innovation with our secure cloud infrastructure and AI capabilities. Sui’s advanced blockchain technology and commitment to user-friendly experiences make them a valuable collaborator for delivering transformative applications that can be easily embraced by Web3 and Web2 developers.”

Notably, Google Cloud has partnered with other blockchains in the past. These include Ronin, Polygon, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. The platform harnessed its cloud-computing capability to operate a validator node on these blockchain networks. It also incorporates BigQuery into these blockchains.

SUI Continues Bearish Trends

The blockchain’s native coin SUI has failed to follow the latest trend as it remains at its lows. According to the price-tracking website CoinStats, SUI traded at $1.1 at the time of writing. The price represented a 6.8% drop over the past 24 hours and an 18.7% decrease over the past week.

Time will tell whether the latest integration with Google Cloud will bring SUI from its prolonged bearish trends.

Mishael Nwani

Mishael Nwani is an avid crypto enthusiast with nearly four years of experience in the industry. Since 2022, he has covered topics across cryptocurrencies, NFTs, artificial intelligence, and financial markets.