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What is Solana Blinks? Explained for Newbies

This article explains how Solana Blinks works and how users can use it to improve their overall experience on the Solana network.

Solana Blinks

The Solana Foundation recently launched two new features on the blockchain. One is Solana Blinks, powered by another feature, Solana Actions.

As will be explained in clear detail later, the aim of launching Solana Blinks is to redefine users’ on-chain experiences and make transactions on the Solana network more accessible.

In this article, we will delve into what Solana Blinks is. Here, we will learn what the feature entails, how to use it, and how it works. While reading this article, look out for how Solana Blinks boosts the blockchain’s adoption as this will also be explained.

Now, let’s get started. What is Solana Blinks?

Solana Blinks

Launched on 25th June 2024, Solana Blinks is one of the latest features of the Solana blockchain.

Short for “Blockchain Links,” Blinks was developed by Solana Foundation in partnership with Solana’s development protocol, Dialect. It was designed to make crypto trading easier and more accessible for users.

Powered by Solana Actions, Solana Blinks allows users to directly initiate blockchain transactions on any platform where a web address can be shared. This means that through a URL, transactions on the Solana network can be executed on websites, applications, social media platforms, and physical QR codes.

With Solana Blinks, users can perform on-chain transactions such as payments, donations, and swaps from their preferred platform. The new tool also allows users to vote, stake, and perform minting activities.

For now, Solana Blinks is only available on X. This means that existing users and potential investors can initiate and perform crypto transactions directly from their X feeds without a decentralized application.

It is also significant to note that the developers hope to include the tool on other social platforms, such as Reddit and Discord.

Since websites and social media platforms such as X are widely used daily, Solana Blinks will make it possible for on-chain transactions to be easily accessed and be within the reach of a wider audience.

How Does Solana Blinks Work?

Solana Blinks can turn an ongoing blockchain transaction into a link that can be shared on any web surface that supports URL display. This makes it possible for users to conduct and interact with on-chain transactions on any internet-enabled platform of their choice.

Here are some examples:

When used on a website, a blink might allow a user to check a transaction status directly. This would save them the stress of exiting the website for a decentralized application.

When used on Discord, a bot might expand a blink, displaying a set of buttons that allow a user to interact with an on-chain transaction.

How to Use Solana Blinks

As earlier stated, Solana Blinks enables on-chain transactions to be easily executed on various platforms such as websites, social media, and any other media where a web address can be shared.

It should also be noted that Solana Blinks allows blockchain activities to be embedded into popular Web2 social applications. One of such popular, widely used platforms is X.

Solana Blinks allows users to transact directly with Solana within X. With Blinks, you can buy a non-fungible token (NFT), stake, vote, and perform other Solana transactions within your X feed.

An X user can share a blink through a post on the platform. Those who see the post can click on the link and perform a Solana transaction directly on their feed without going to their wallet or using a crypto exchange.

Source: Twitter

Just as it is possible for every other post on X, users can also repost blinks shared by other users on their feeds for their followers to see and take action.

How Solana Blinks Boosts the Blockchain’s Adoption

Shortly after it launched Blinks, the Solana blockchain experienced a massive boost in daily transactions. The number of daily transactions processed on the blockchain increased significantly and reached an almost two-year high.

Analysis from Artemis showed that a day after Solana Blinks was rolled out, the blockchain processed almost 42 million transactions. This is remarkable, as Solana started the year with about 23 million daily transactions.

What Does All of This Mean for Solana? 

  • Since Blinks makes on-chain transactions easier for and more accessible to users,  existing users may find it more convenient to interact with the Solana network.
  • The increase in the number of daily processed transactions that the Solana blockchain saw after the launch of the new tool is an indication that something similar might happen when Solana Blinks is fully embraced by a lot of users.
  • Due to the ease associated with Solana Blinks, potential investors might find this new feature very useful. Out of curiosity, new investors may decide to try it out, increasing the number of individuals who interact with the blockchain.
  • With Solana Blinks, both existing users and potential investors can increase their interaction with the Solana network. Solana Blinks enables users to share links to their on-chain transactions to any website or platform, thereby facilitating the blockchain’s prospect of being widely adopted.


Solana Blinks, or blockchain links, is one of the two new features that was recently launched on the Solana blockchain. This tool was designed to enhance users’ on-chain experiences and make trading and other transactions easier for them to perform.

Solana Blinks allows users to buy NFTs, swap tokens, mint tokens, trade, and do much more on the blockchain directly from any platform where a URL can be shared. 

For now, Solana Blinks is only available on X. However, the developers hope to expand the tool to other social platforms such as Reddit and Discord. 

As an X user, you can share a blink as a post on your feed for your followers to see and click on it. You can also repost a blink shared by another user on your feed. 

With Blinks, you can perform Solana transactions on an existing Web2 application without using a decentralized app. The existence of Solana Blinks on popular social platforms like X boosts the blockchain’s potential to be widely adopted.

Fortune Samuel

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