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Is Michael Dell Secretly Buying Bitcoin? Michael Saylor Retweet Spark Rumors

Michael Dell of Dell Technologies sparks debate that he or the company may be secretly investing in Bitcoin

Michael Dell Bitcoin

Michael Dell, the founder of globally recognized technology company Dell Technologies, may have unknowingly sparked a fresh round of rumors that he or his company is investing in Bitcoin.

The Dell CEO retweeted a post on X in which prominent Bitcoin investor and MicroStrategy Chairman Michael Saylor pitched Bitcoin as “digital scarcity.” Notably, Saylor was also replying to Michael Dell’s initial comment on June 20, in which he noted that “scarcity creates value.”

Michael Dell Retweets Saylor Bitcoin Post

Is Michael Dell Buying Bitcoin?

When two founders of some of the world’s largest companies engage in a Bitcoin discussion on Twitter, such conversation is almost certain to grab attention. The latest exchange was no different, with many Bitcoin enthusiasts taking Michael Dell’s retweet as a cue that the entrepreneur or his company is getting involved with BTC.

Worth noting is that such claims may not be entirely baseless or could prove meaningful in the long run. After all, Tesla’s initial Bitcoin purchase in 2021 undeniably began with a Twitter exchange between CEO Elon Musk and Michael Saylor, with the latter eventually offering Tesla the same “playbook” MicroStrategy used to get in on Bitcoin.

For the records, there is no publicly available data showing that either Michael Dell or Dell Technologies have invested in Bitcoin at this time. Nonetheless, the company was one of the first to accept Bitcoin payments back in 2014 but eventually ended support for the cryptocurrency in October 2017, citing a lack of demand.

Michael Dell has also publicly stated in 2021 that he “would pass on Bitcoin” while recognizing the revolutionary power of the underlying blockchain technology. To that effect, the Dell CEO recently followed up the Bitcoin retweet with a post asking followers to vote on which technology will have the next big breakthrough.

Admittedly, the landscape has evolved significantly since Dell last got involved with Bitcoin. The world’s largest fund managers now offer a Bitcoin ETF, nation-states have gained exposure to BTC, and the cryptocurrency’s market cap has soared above a trillion dollars. The coming months will reveal whether or not Michael Dell will take the bait or has already jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon.

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