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Notcoin Gains 50% in Fresh Surge as FLOKI Pokes at ATH

Notcoin and Floki leads the top gainers in the last 24 hours. Here is the possible trigger

The father of the tap evolution, Notcoin, is among the top gainers in the last 24 hours followed by FLOKI. It gained a whopping 50% during the period under consideration.

This marks it first pure surge since it is listed on several trading platforms. It aims to reclaim its listing price on platforms like Binance. However, the bid met an obstacle as it faced massive rejections $0.0085 but will close the current day with gains of 53%

No chart indicators are present because the market is fairly new. Nonetheless, coin-tracking platforms point to a more than 20% increase in trading volume as the catalyst for the most recent price improvement.

FLOKI Surged On Fundamentals

Floki is up more than 20%, the second-largest gainer in the last 24 hours. The recent surge saw it break out from its almost two-month resistance.

The latest surge is in reaction to the latest announcement. In its latest attempt to stabilize and attract more traders, the floki developer recently launched a new trading bot. The team is actively looking to make the token more appealing.

With the bot’s launch, the developers aim to attract new users by using the popular messaging app Telegram.

Selloff Looms

The asset opened trading at $0.00022 and surged to a high of $0.00028, which is less than 9% short of the all-time high. Additionally, the latest hike shows a breakout from the dominant trend of remaining below the first pivot resistance.

Since April, R1, which is at $0.000023, has served as a brickwall to the altcoin. Several surges ended on contact, and others that went above dropped below it to register a close below it. In a buildup to the decisive flip, the token spent the last seven days range-bound between the mark and $0.00022.

With the break out, the relative strength index surged above 70. Currently 73, it is hinting at impending corrections. This may halt the current ascent and drop prices a low as $0.00026.

Gideon Geoffery