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Evmos Partners with ZIGChain to Reshape the Future of Wealth Generation

This partnership marks a major milestone for Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatibility, growth, and innovation.


Evmos, the source-available framework for building customizable, interoperable Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchains enabled with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), has announced a significant partnership with ZIGChain. This integration is aimed at promoting massive growth and scalability.

ZIGChain is a layer 1 blockchain built on the Cosmos network that is designed to unlock wealth-generation opportunities for any user, regardless of financial literacy, social status, or geographic location. It provides an infrastructure for developers to build protocols that can be utilized by fund managers and accessed by the retail investor population seamlessly.

Evmos Integrates with ZIGChain

According to a press release sent to CoinTab, this partnership will bring unparalleled growth and innovation on ZIGChain, while also levelling the playing field for developers and allowing users from all walks of life to contribute.

“Together, Evmos and ZIGChain will combine the very best of Ethereum and the interchain, granting developers and fund managers unprecedented liquidity access, a much larger investor base, and a wide variety of DeFi dApps and services. The milestone integration is a key step towards building a highly scalable and inclusive wealth generation infrastructure.”

The integration will give fund managers access to a robust set of technical capabilities, such as liquid staking and yield optimisation to enable them maximise their earnings on ZIGChain protocols.

Benefits of the Partnership

With this partnership, developers can benefit in a variety of ways including easy integration. As a blockchain based on the Cosmos SDK, Evmos will provide Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) equivalent to Solidity developers, combining the advantages of Ethereum and interchain.

Developers will also benefit from robust design as this integration will facilitate interoperability by allowing direct interaction between Solidity smart contracts and interchain protocols. Additionally, the Ready-to-Use IBC Connections will permit access to vast liquidity and a range of DeFi dApps and services for ZIGChain developers and users.

The partnership offers dynamic smart contracts that will enable developers to create complex models, quick market-based trade features, advanced governance tools, and seamless asset transfers between networks.

Overall, Evmos’ collaboration with ZIGChain represents a key milestone for the layer 1 blockchain. With a commitment to provide a wealth generation experience, this move intends to equip builders with the essential tools across EVM and interchain ecosystems, allowing them to offer remarkable results based on unrestricted access to a diverse variety of asset classes.


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