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Filipino-Led BreederDAO Wins Awakening Hackathon by CCP Games

The sternly contested gaming contest saw talented developers wrestle with BreederDAO for the crown.

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Web3 gaming tool manufacturer BreederDAO has won Project Awakening, an online hackathon hosted by CCP Games. The Filipino-led manufacturer was declared champions at the close of the inaugural ceremony’s phase III playtest.

The hackathon, held between May 23 and June 11, saw around 5000 players participate in the playtest for six weeks.  CCP Games, the developers of EVE Online, has been hosting the gaming contest since the start of the year, with the BreederDAO winning the third edition.

The sternly contested gaming contest saw talented developers wrestle with BreederDAO for the crown. Among the outstanding 12 projects that made it to the finals were Team ScryptedInc, Verse, and Team Kalbuir.

Huge Milestone for BreederDAO

“We are honored to be recognized by CCP Games, a pioneer in revolutionizing virtual world complexity and redefining in-game economics. They have profoundly influenced BreederDAO, driving us to leverage blockchain technology to innovate and transfer interactions with virtual economies,” the CEO of BreederDAO said in a press release.

Launched in 2021, BreederDAO is a renounced developer of gaming assets for use in the metaverse. The project came to the limelight during the Axie Infinity boom and generated a $6.2 million revenue in 2022. According to its official website, the project currently has over 460 partner guilds and 30 game partners. Gaming top guns like Ronin’s Axie Infinity and AZRA are partners of BreederDAO.

“BreeederDAO’s victory in Project Awakening’s phase III hackathon is a testament to their ingenuity and bold vision. Their entry, alongside all other amazing entries we saw this time around, helps us push the boundaries as we continue to build out our platform for creating a living, breathing virtual world,” CCP’s CEO, Hilmar V. Petursson, said.

Project Awakening is a gaming adventure created by CCP Games. The game’s storyline involves rebuilding an imaginary world where advanced civilization has decayed into ruins. BreederDAO won the inaugural Phase III edition. CCP Games was founded in 1997 and created EVE Online, a legendary game with over 10 million base players.

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