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5 Solana Memecoins That Could Explode This Bull Market

With the peak bull market in sight, here are five Solana memecoins that could perform well.

Solana memecoins

The Solana ecosystem has recently recorded rapid growth as more users are moving from other chains to it. The reason for this is not far-fetched – the Solana blockchain has proven to be scalable and cost-friendly. It’s a slogan among Solana users that most things are “only possible on Solana (OPOS).”

Solana’s scalability and affordability have contributed to the innovation of several products of which meme tokens are not an exception. Most Solana-based meme coins have recorded above $1 billion in market cap and brought massive gains to early investors. 

Speculators keen on investing in Solana memecoins may be at a loss of which tokens to invest in, given the thousands available. We simplify your search process by providing our top picks for Solana memecoins

5 Best Meme Coins on Solana to Watch in 2024

    1. Cat in a Dog’s World ($MEW)

The $MEW token, as the name suggests, is a cat-themed meme that has the sole mission of saving all cats everywhere. It tells the story of a hero cat that explores the city by night, rescuing other cats from the oppressive claws of dogs that dominate the city.

Most $MEW investors got exposed to the memecoin after the tokens were airdropped to their wallets. The airdrop beneficiaries include $BONK, $WIF, and Chapter 2 holders. At press time, $MEW boasts of over 198,000 holders, 71,600 X (formerly Twitter) followers, and over 14,200 Telegram community members. 

While we do not know the actual holders of $MEW, we do know that the famous Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko quote tweeted $MEW, indicating interest in the project. The listing of $MEW in several crypto exchanges could be a good stimulator to breaking the previous all-time high. Solana meme speculators can add this to their watchlist.

  1. Slerf ($SLERF)

$SLERF is the first sloth-themed meme coin in the history of crypto. Its story is never complete without mentioning its developer who mistakenly burnt $10 million worth of presale tokens. The community’s trust in the project is very obvious as seen in their response to the dev’s mistake.

The mistake quickly shaped the narrative behind $SLERF as it experienced a major price hike after the X announcement. Several exchanges followed up the announcement by listing $SLERF. Its community has significantly grown since then with over 178,500 X followers and 127,000 Telegram members.

$SLERF has been on a downtrend since after its initial fame. Despite the bearish trend, its community has remained active. This could be the best time for meme investors to add $SLERF to their holdings. The Slerf NFTs and possible listing by top exchanges like Binance can increase its value

  1. Wen ($WEN)

Without listing $WEN, the culture coin for the wen bros, this article would be incomplete. $WEN is the first token launched on the LFG launchpad. Even though it stems from the Poem written by the famous Meow of Jupiter, it is not managed by him or the Jupiter team. $WEN is managed by the Ovols NFT team.

$WEN is also the first token created with the new WNS token standard, making NFTs fractionalizable. The token was also equitably distributed to users who conducted more than $5 swap volume via Jupiter within 6 months before the snapshot. This equal allocation exposed the token to many users making it community-driven.

The cute cat representing $WEN plans to travel far and beyond into space. The Ovols team has remained active alongside the community members. Its community eagerly anticipates $WEN listing by other top crypto exchanges. They firmly believe that $WEN will soon surpass its current market value, they say “It’s not a matter of IF but $WEN.”

  1. Myro ($MYRO)

$MYRO is named after a dog owned by the co-founder of Solana. It is birthed to pay homage to Raj Gokal and his dog. This token goes beyond just a meme, it’s also a movement aimed at uniting dog lovers. The $MYRO team believes that Solana has the potential to change the world for the better and is keen to make it welcoming for everyone.

True to their mission, the $MYRO website is very welcoming and user-friendly. Users who like the cute dog can buy the MYRO plushy directly from the website via crypto or fiat. The community has grown to over 13,600 on Telegram and 16,200 followers on X. More growth is expected to occur as the team innovates.

The $MYRO team has proven active by creating the first Solana public buybot on Telegram. They intend to release the Social-fi mobile app soon. With its viral narrative, movement, and proposed utilities, $MYRO may be on the right track to achieving new highs. Solana meme investors can keep an eye on this one.

  1. Smog ($SMOG)

Another meme making waves of hype in the Solana ecosystem is $SMOG. This token is dragon-themed and claims to be the ruler of meme coins. $SMOG was created in March 2024 and has continued engaging its community with tasks for airdrop allocation.

$SMOG will airdrop its holders with 35% of the supply. This airdrop has become a great incentive to hold $SMOG. The token is also present in the Ethereum blockchain where users can stake their $SMOG. Stakers are also eligible for the upcoming airdrop. Its multichain feature exposed it to several meme investors.

Users who wish to qualify for the upcoming airdrop can also start accumulating points via Zealy. If $SMOG succeeds in “conducting the greatest Solana airdrop of all time” as claimed, it may attract more investors. We are also keen to see how events unfold for $SMOG.


The tokens listed in this article are among the top Solana memecoins. However, this is not to be construed as financial advice. It’s best to always conduct due research before investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets in general. 

Disclaimer: The meme coins in this article were selected based on trading activity and popularity. However, their inclusion here is not investment advice from the author or Cointab. It’s crucial to assess your risk tolerance and always do your own research before making any investment decisions

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