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Crypto Influencer Shocked as Nigerian User Refunds 90 SOL

A Nigerian user gets rewarded with 10 SOL and other benefits after refunding 90 SOL received by mistake.

Solana SOL

Raffay Alvi, a Swiss-based crypto influencer, was refunded 90 SOL (worth $13,400) after mistakenly sending 100 SOL (worth $14,900) to Lucky, a Nigerian crypto user. This kind gesture has sent the Nigerian crypto community bubbling with appreciation for Lucky’s honesty.

How It Happened

The crypto influencer noted in a tweet that he was giving away $100 to his followers. Lucky was to receive $100 as one of the winners. However, Alvi accidentally sent 100 SOL instead of $100 worth of SOL. After realizing this, the crypto figure contacted the Nigerian user, requesting a 90 SOL refund. After Lucky’s initial request to send all of the SOL assets, Alvi insisted that Lucky could keep 10 SOL.

Immediately, the Nigerian user sent the 90 SOL as requested. Overwhelmed by Lucky’s genuineness and integrity, Alvi tweeted and posted videos to X to show his appreciation for the refund. He also shared details about the Nigerian’s kind act via an X Spaces.

Other popular crypto figures applauded Lucky’s fine act and sent him more SOL. One even sent another 10 SOL coins, saying the funds would make the viral Nigerian a millionaire, based on the country’s USD/NGN exchange rate.

Various Nigerians have applauded Lucky’s integrity, emphasizing that there are trustworthy people in the African country. At the time of writing, the Nigerian X Trends is topped by “100 SOL,” comprising tweets and clips about Lucky’s sincere act. The viral Nigerian’s X page has quickly grown in followers to over 7,200 at the time of writing.

Over the years, Nigeria has become infamous for fraud and other scams, tainting how other countries view its citizens. However, this pessimistic outlook may gradually reduce with good deeds from people like Lucky.

Nigeria and Cryptocurrencies

The Nigerian government has held a hostile view of cryptocurrencies in recent months. However, the opposite is the case among citizens, as many have flocked to cryptocurrencies to alleviate the impact of inflation on the country’s economy.

A 2022 report from Triple-A confirmed that over 22 million Nigerians own at least one cryptocurrency. This figure represents over 10% of the country’s population.

Mishael Nwani

Mishael Nwani is an avid crypto enthusiast with nearly four years of experience in the industry. Since 2022, he has covered topics across cryptocurrencies, NFTs, artificial intelligence, and financial markets.