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This Famous Crypto Investor Sold Everything After Life-Changing Profits

A crypto investor reflects on his financial journey, highlighting his knack for making profits and the reason behind the decision to sell his holdings.

Trader in Massive Profits

In a recent blog post, a crypto investor identified as Lite disclosed his decision to sell all his crypto assets after he made a significant profit in the space. He admitted to not being a perfect trader and also highlighted his knack for making profits. 

Reasons for Selling His Crypto Holdings 

Reflecting on his financial journey, the investor claimed that the decision to sell all of his crypto assets came after a stunning realization. According to him, although he has earned considerable profits trading his cryptocurrencies his decision to sell all his holdings came after he recognized that he is not particularly a skilled investor. 

He talked about his timing when it comes to investing, admitting that he has never been able to perfectly time the market top. He said that he tends to buy when a particular asset is extremely oversold. 

Furthermore, he also mentioned that he has consistently sold his crypto holdings at the halfway point thereby missing out on potential gains. However, this strategy has helped him to avoid the pitfalls of greed. 

He reflected on his decision to sell his holdings right before the Terra LUNA crash and FTX scandal which occurred in 2022. He admitted he felt he sold too early and wrong then. However, the decision to exit his position before the collapse made him one of the fortunate traders to earn significant profits. He said this strategy may seem like leaving “chips on the table” but highlights the importance of taking profits and not getting caught up in the chase for ever-increasing returns. 

Financial Advice?

Notably, he pointed out that he did not share his experience to serve as financial advice to his listeners. Rather, he encouraged the use of wealth in creating a positive impact in the world while emphasizing the importance of betting on oneself and people. 

He even shared his belief in the long-term potential of crypto, particularly bitcoin hitting $100K this cycle. However, he has made peace with the possibility of missing out on these gains. He added:

“I’m taking time to work on my brand, repair some relationships, and help the people I love. And of course – I’ll be scooping deals up when they’re low again.”


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