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Bonk Gets Exposure to Over 37M Users With Revolut Listing

Solana's biggest memecoin, BONK, launches on the European banking fintech, Revolut.

Solana’s biggest memecoin, BONK, launches on the European banking fintech, Revolut.

Crypto-friendly fintech, Revolut, has recently added BONK to the growing list of cryptocurrencies available on the platform.

In an official blog post, the company pointed out that listing BONK aligns with its ultimate goal of providing users with a diverse trading platform.

“We’re delighted to announce the addition of the BONK token to our growing list of over 150 vetted and tradable cryptocurrencies. Offering a diverse range of tokens is a key part of our commitment to creating a market-leading trading platform and we’re excited to include BONK in the app.”

Revolut Listing Opens New Frontiers For Bonk

The latest listing will attract investors looking to diversify their crypto portfolio to Revolut. Additionally, it will strengthen BONK’s foray into mainstream crypto trading platforms.

With the listing, BONK will be available for trading to the over 37 million Revolut users scattered across more than 150 countries. Revolut users can now easily trade the memecoin using over 25 different fiat currencies available on the platform, including EUR, GBP, and USD.

In addition to the listing, BONK intends to run a Learn and Earn campaign targeted toward incentivizing users to learn about the cryptocurrency. The campaign is scheduled to start on April 29th.

Launched in December 2022, following the cataclysmic collapse of FTX, BONK has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. It is currently the biggest memecoin project on Solana, with several Solana-based projects using it as an incentive mechanism.

Several memecoins like BONK have been receiving massive attention from investors since the beginning of the bull market season, soaring to new heights. This increased interest is an indication of the growing appeal of this section of the crypto market.

Earlier this month, the Bitcoin-based memecoin, Pups, rallied 70% ahead of its migration to the Bitcoin Runes protocol. Analysts believe that the procotol could have a greater impact on the market than the recently concluded halving event.

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